And a giant fuck you to you, too

I left this site once before because of the attitude of the people here but I wanted a chance to speak my mind—my full mind, for once—to the actual community as a whole before I leave this time. I’m pretty sure maybe five people will see this before it is taken down, deleted, archived, hidden in the admin area, whatever, but I really don’t care because I’m posting this in more than one place.

Last time, I left because of blatant favoritism that left a sick taste in my mouth and embittered me towards many of the people in the community. It left me feeling pretty much (and excuse the dramatics) as if everything I knew about this site was a lie. Honestly, I once loved this place and I always defended it when people bashed it. Now I can safely say that I’m one of those who bashes it.

For those I spoke to about it back then, I understand why you chose not to do or say anything and I feel for you that you still come back here day after day even when you feel the community is rotten to the core. It’s only natural to want to come here because it’s easily the largest roleplaying community. There are a lot of intelligent and interesting people here with amazing opinions. But there are also a lot of people who are downright rude and snarky.

Not everybody here is nasty but it happens to be the biggest names and the people with the most sway who have the run of the place (isn’t that how it always goes?). They’re reading this right now and snickering about the over-sensitive member who lost her temper. I will admit that I’m not in a good place in my life right now and I’ve been in a very down, depressed mood. The people here have not helped with that in the least but that’s my own fault. I was the one stupid enough to keep coming back here and expecting different results.

Oh yeah, doesn’t Einstein have a nice quote about that and sanity? I think he does.

Guess it’s time to stop the insanity.

There was a big blow-up here about how negative the community is and they decided to get rid of the rant forum. This place is still negative and poisonous. Something about this place makes people get cocky and think they can just make rude, snarky comments and get away with it. EVEN WORSE, these people get atta boy back-pats and rewards for their ugly behavior. And even worse still, I once regarded some of these people as intelligent and likable people.

For those wondering, the catalyst to this was definitely all the asshat remarks I got for calling BDSM a perversion. Whether or not you agree or disagree, the point is that the comment got a lot of negative attention. That was not my intention. I shouldn’t have listed it with all the more extreme examples and yes, I could have worded my original comment better. HOWEVER, it didn’t warrant the shitstorm of replies that it got and it was the cherry on top of a big, fat, giant negative douchebag cake that I get every time I come to this site.

I liked coming here back before when it was just intelligent people having conversations about roleplay. It’s hard to find that sort of community. What I don’t come here for is people getting shitty over an off-handed comment. Even if it wasn’t this, it would have been something else, because quite frankly, I find myself irritated and hurt by a lot of the shit I read here. I normally just keep my mouth shut and go on my own way, but I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut when other people clearly can’t.

This letter is meant as a complaint to this board as a whole and the people who think they can just chortle and laugh and chuckle and all around make the shittiest remarks possible to everything a person says so they can feel so much bigger about themselves. Bullies? Well, I feel fucking bullied here today right now. Thanks for making me feel super rad about myself and my mistakes. I hope somebody is standing nearby to point and laugh at you when you slip up, too.

I hope some people get a chance to read this before it gets taken down but I’m saving it to post elsewhere, too. I’m tired of your shit, RPG-D and I’m taking my own advice and getting out because I genuinely don’t like it here. I hope in the future, you can actually change your tune like I hoped you already had, but in the end, I think you’re going to stay the way you are because you just keep accumulating more bad blood.

-Zozma out

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