Fuck RPG-D

You know… I don’t know why I bother putting up with the bullshit this website puts me through. I mean, it’s supposed to be for discussions about roleplay but people become the biggest fucking douchenozzles over the smallest fucking things. God forbid you refer to BDSM as “perverted.” Yeah, okay, so I listed it alongside some things that are much worse, but for people to fucking dogpile over the comment like I just said I personally rape babies and fuck dogs with pencils or something is fucking. RIDICULOUS.

I hate this community and I hate the way they play games. I hate their favoritism and I hate their fucking attitudes.

I tried to sweep it all under the rug and I tried to believe they wouldn’t get worse or that they’d just somehow stop being fucktards but I was wrong.

Now I’m not usually the type to ragequit shit, but this is over. I fucking quit. I’ve advocated this action a thousand times: If you don’t like it, get out. So I’m getting out. Just ARGH. Fuck you people.

Except the ones I like. ;) I still like you.

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